Interested in St. Luke’s as a church home?


If you’d like to see if St. Luke’s is the right fit for you, you are welcome to come worship with us (or just watch!) anytime. Feel free to come back for several weeks to make sure it’s the right fit for you. You may want to visit with one of our clergy to find out more about us, or you may want to figure it out all by yourself. Either way is fine. When you’ve been here a few times, you’ll realize that no one does everything the same way at St. Luke’s – one of the things we love about this place is that we are different together.


St. Luke’s is a community of people who see all people in relationship with God, and through God, with each other. St. Luke’s is, foremost, a community. We belong here not because we all believe the same things, not because we have common backgrounds, not because we choose to live our faith the same way; we belong here because we see God here and because we hear God calling us into relationship. As a guest, our hope for you is that God will lead you to a faith community that is a spiritual home for you, whether it ends up being St. Luke’s or another place.


St. Luke’s is a community of do-ers. Members gather weekly for hand projects for personal enrichment. Others meet to knit prayer shawls for the sick and shut in. Still others take pleasure in keeping our Labyrinth garden beautifully groomed during leafing months. Our members volunteer in a variety of community programs including SnowCap Community Charities, the Alzheimer’s Foundation and Rahab’s Sisters. If you’re a “hands-on” Christian, you’ll find ample opportunity for your energy at St. Luke’s.


At St. Luke’s, we are committed to developing and presenting programs for adults and children that extend the opportunity for growth in knowledge, spirit, and relationships with God and with one another. Weekly gatherings for adults explore a wide range of topics that inform and impact our faith and its practice. Organized into “easy-to-manage” segments extending from single topic sessions to multi-week explorations, participants can drop in and out at their convenience. In addition, St. Luke’s is proud to host a dramatically different program of spiritual enrichment for children called The Ark. It is created out of our belief that healthy and nurturing relationships are the foundation for a deep and abiding spirituality. Members of the congregation meet with our children every Sunday morning to build empowering relationships with self, others, and God. Want to know more? Click HERE to read the Prospectus for this exciting and dynamic program.


Many different ways of believing are represented at St. Luke’s, but the community comes together in spiritual practice. Spirits are fed here. Some of the spiritual practices at St. Luke’s are old school church activities, like coffee hours, Bible Study, church picnics and pot luck suppers. Some are practices for a new age, informed by our ancient tradition, like spending Saturday mornings in the summer gardening around the labyrinth or gathering for contemporary programs of adult enrichment. Stewardship is an important spiritual practice at St. Luke’s, because we believe that everything we have and everything we are is a gift from God. We give freely of our financial and time resources for our own spiritual health and in response to the world’s need.



120 SW Towle Avenue

Gresham, OR 97080


Holy Eucharist Sundays at 10 a.m.