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Advent at St. Luke's

Seen and Unseen

Seen and Unseen

God, only wise, open our eyes to what's

Seen and Unseen

These words of plea and prayer will accompany us through the Season of Advent at St. Luke's. They are from a song written by our friend Jack Bevilacqua, a song we will weave through our worship gatherings. They speak so eloquently of this season where we individually and collectively keep watch for light in the darkness, make preparation in glad anticipation, and linger in the longing for the coming of our Savior.


To embody this tender season, we invite you into these practices:


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Home Advent Altar

The purpose of a home altar is to provide a place to pray and be in silence in the presence of God. There is no right or wrong way, but here are some suggestions: 

Creating an Altar:

  • Choose a table or shelf in your home for your altar.

  • Use a scarf or fabric to cover your altar table or shelf. The traditional color of Advent is blue. 

  • Add something to “ground” the space, such as a cross, an icon, or a Bible. 

  • Include things that are meaningful to you and your family: candles, photos, etc. 

  • You could add some natural elements: rocks, leaves, shells, herbs, flowers. You’re only limited by space and your imagination. 

Practicing with your Altar:

  • Visit your altar daily if possible. 

  • Take a few minutes to get quiet. Consider our Advent theme: Seen and Unseen.

  • What do you notice stirring in you as you consider these words?

  • What are you seeing that nurtures the hope and anticipation of the season?

  • What remains unseen that you are longing to bear witness to? 

  • Each day, or perhaps a few times each week, add something to your altar that speaks to what has been revealed to you in the quiet. Select something from your altar and hold it, feel its weight, reflect on your own Advent longings, anticipation and preparation.

  • If your noticing brings to mind the name of a person or a community of people (the suffering, victims of war, the unhoused), write this on a slip of paper and add it to your altar.

  • Add or remove things from your home altar at any time if that feels right to you.


Community Advent Altar

We will have a community altar space set up near the prayer candles in the sanctuary. After the sermon, you will be invited to come and add something to our community altar. Simply bring something from your home altar that you would like to share (you will be free to take what you bring home each Sunday). Or, write the name of someone or something on your heart and add it to our altar. Slips of paper and pens will be at the altar for you. Those worshipping with us on Zoom will be invited to add to their home altar during this time as well.


This ritual will serve to remind us that we are not waiting alone for the promised light to break through, but that we are a part of the fellowship of those longing for Jesus.

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