Stewardship of Creation & Community

Our Stewardship campaign is how we commit to one another, how we commit to planting the seeds of God’s love in this place and beyond.

Self-Reliance is Hell

We can let go knowing that not everything depends on our own efforts. We can rest, trusting that we are cared for.

There Is a Balm

The balm I press into my wounds is the healing salve of this fellowship. What we experience here together.

Letting God Find You

The lost sheep matters. When the lost sheep suffers, Jesus suffers. We, the Body of Christ, suffer.

God's Vastness & Deacon Laurel

Are we ready to step into God’s vastness that is present in ourselves? Which brings us to Deacon Laurel. A galaxy unto herself.

The Most Dangerous Book for Jews

Let’s not read the letter to the Hebrews or any other part of the Christian Testament as trumping Judaism, as completing Judaism.

Authentic Peace vs. False Peace

We’re taught in so many ways that conflict is so bad that it’s better to have a false peace than it is to tell the truth.

Abundance is About Community

This gospel today is hard. It challenges us to think about where we put our trust and therefore our abundance.

Striking a Balance

I want to make sure that we see both Mary and Martha as faithful disciples. They have different approaches to serving the Lord.

Love is Our Call

Jesus is telling us that anyone who needs our help is our neighbor, and we are called to respond in love wherever there is someone in need.

Not the End of the World

Wherever there is life, and especially wherever there are humans, things crumble. And sometimes, crumbling feels like the end of the world.

Our Bodies are Good

Our bodies are good because God made them. Our bodies are powerful because only through them can we love our neighbors as ourselves.

Creating Community in Christ

Paul’s vision is of a world where the power of the cross can abolish the distinctions between people.

The Trinity is Queer

Jesus tells us today that we will constantly be growing into God’s truth. That’s the gift of the Trinity. It’s the practice of Pride.

Costly Unity

Costly unity means fighting for the right not to bear arms. It means living in such a way that creates a world where we default to love.


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