How to Read the Bible

How are we to know what should guide our belief and actions? Not even our Bible is clear. I can only tell you what I do: I prioritize Jesus.

The Good Shepherd

Part of being a faithful Christian is learning to hear God's voice more and more, and that takes practice.

From Saul to Paul

How are you sharing the gifts God gave you? Where are you giving them? How far do your gifts reach?

Notes on the Resurrection

And now, once a year, after we have waited in the dark theater of Lent to Good Friday, we celebrate the gift He gave us.

Grace Means Lavish Love

The Rev. Sara Cosca-Warfield Scripture: John 12:1-8 I want to put this gospel reading into context, because it drops us right into the...

Our Sin Does Not Define Us

God is waiting for us, not to exact punishment, but to run to us, filled with compassion, to gather us in God’s arms.

You Are Who You Are & You Are Enough

Just as God states in the passage, “I am who I am,” you also are who you are and you are enough for any job the spirit is calling you.

God Can Handle Our Questions

This Lent, as you wander your wilderness, I invite you to question God, to challenge God. God can handle it.

Tempting Us Away from Grace

Lent is about paying attention to what may tempt us away from God’s love and God’s call for our lives, and then practicing overcoming it.

In You I Am Well Pleased

My shame almost killed me, until one day in prayer I heard God say to me, “You, Bob, are my beloved son, in whom I am well-pleased.”

Abundance Hidden In Plain Sight

This pandemic has made us question things that we once took for granted. The things we actually need. How fast we actually need to go.

What Does Love Look Like Here?

Out of 1 Corinthians 13, comes this question that I carry with me ~ hoping to one day live into an answer. What does love look like here?

Breaking Open "Normal"

Paul is not into the idea of "normal.” In fact, he says that we can’t have the Body of Christ without all of us.

From Sin to Belonging

When Jesus gets in line to be baptized with all those self-professed sinners, he shifts the emphasis from sin to belonging.


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