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Kathy Douglass

Pronouns: she/her

Our Music Minister

Kathy plans the music for all our worship, empowers other experienced or budding musicians to participate in the worship ministry, and leads our music every Sunday.

Kathy's Story

I’ve been noodling around on the piano at St. Luke’s for over 10 years. I was raised in another faith tradition but felt drawn to the liturgical church. I am captivated by the rituals, the sacraments, the grounding rhythms of the liturgy. Jack and Judy Bevilacqua, who’ve been my friends for over half my life, began inviting me and I accepted their invitation one evening when a pianist was needed for a rehearsal. I’ve been sitting behind the piano ever since.

The traits I most value in our music are invitation and accessibility. Each song is an invitation to express ourselves with abandon to God through our voices, our instruments. We want the music to be accessible, for some of the words and melodies to take up residence in our hearts and keep us good company as we live outside the red doors.

I’m employed as a senior medical underwriter, doing lots of mentoring, which I enjoy. I’m trained as a Spiritual Director in the Franciscan tradition. I geek out on OPB shows and jigsaw puzzles, putter in the garden, write contemplative songs, laugh a lot and use power tools improperly. I share my life with my beloved partner Amy Paynter.

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