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You Are Who You Are & You Are Enough

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

The Rev. Laurel Hart, Deacon

Scripture: Exodus 3:1-15

There is nothing more stressful or nerve racking than a job interview. I counted one time and realized over my 44 years of gainful employment I had held a total of 15 jobs. So, I’m here to testify that I had quite a number of job interviews. Oh, you can polish and remake that resume but sometimes the fit isn’t right no matter how good it might have looked on paper. Other times, my piece of the puzzle fell into place with an organization, and soon I was on the payroll pulling down a few bucks once again.

So here is Mr. Moses just strolling along doing his assigned task of tending his father-in-law’s sheep when he wanders beyond the wilderness and runs smack dab into a job interview situation. Now, it goes without saying this isn’t your standard zoom interview - not many burning bushes around these days. It seems obvious that Moses doesn’t have much in the way of job interview experience because instead of offering some self-promotion he says, “who am I that I should go to Pharaoh, and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?” Remember Moses was known to have caused some trouble in the past. He was hesitant to answer God's call because he felt inadequate due to his problem of speaking to crowds. This passage isn't about a timid exile's reverent first meeting with the God of his ancestors. Rather, this story is about a no-holds-barred encounter between a confused and unsure man and a God who's more than up to the challenge of transforming him into an instrument of salvation."

Most Christians live their lives with willingness to provide service to others as a pathway of serving God's mission in the world. After all this is part of our baptismal vows. At the same time, we struggle with our own doubt and confusion - not knowing if we are the right person for God's mission. This uncertainty of emotion exists despite our realization of God’s love and power to transform each of every one of us. Instead of believing we are enough, we often question our qualifications to participate in making this a better world. Or whether we will make a noticeable difference with the ministry we have chosen to engage. We begin to ask ourselves “who am I that I should take on this ministry?” Each of us can fill in the description of what this sometimes nagging and uncertain call to service might be for us. Doubt is part of life. Remember we are all children of God and should be able to see the face of God not only in others but also in ourselves.

Recently, I heard someone say; we are experts in our own experience. We've already lived some of life, we’ve known good times, we’ve known hard times, we’ve known challenges, we’ve all experienced some successes and more than our fair share of failures. A person doesn’t live 40, 50 or 60 or more years without adding some hard-earned stripes to our uniform of life. We are all experts in our own experience in life therefore we surely bring our humanity to God's mission and service to others. So, the next time you hear that inner voice prompting you to do something and another one attempting to pour some cold water of doubt on the vision: saying to you that you need might need a workshop to show your how to do XYZ or a support team working along your side - remember you are an expert in your own experience. All of us can bring a human experience to other humans in any situation. If God is truly the inspiration behind the action it will be OK – it will turn out however it should turn out. God said, “I will bear you with you; And this shall be the sign for you that it is I who sent you.” Just as God states in the passage, “I am who I am.” You also are who you are and indeed you are enough for any job the spirit is calling you to do. So - the question for today is “how is God calling you to go out those red doors and put your gifts to service in our broken and hurting world.” Amen.

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