Protection in Uncertain Times

This text from Matthew suggests that God provides protection in uncertain times and we need to remember and embrace this teaching.

You Are Here to Kneel

I think poetry is one way that we humans have found to kneel before God. John seems to feel it, too—the Gospel today is poetry.

Share the Light

We are called to make God known by talking about the ways that we experience God.

John the Baptist, Joy & Integrity

Joy is about knowing that God created you just as you are, and trusting that it is very good. Integrity is living your joy.

We Need the Darkness

The thing is, we need darkness. Life needs darkness. Seeds need the darkness deep down in the the dirt to sprout.

To Care & To Be Cared For

Our God’s desire for us is an attitude of acceptance for our deeply human need to feel cared about and to feel cared for.

Trusting In God's Abundance

As followers of Jesus, we are called to live into resurrection, to risk our discomfort, fear, and skepticism for the sake of abundance.

Come Healing

In times of suffering do you find yourself asking “why” questions of God?

Holding Suffering

In a universe created by God and in which humans live, the challenge is how to hold these two contradictions together.

From Shallow Comfort to Life Abundant

How do we open ourselves to the words of the prophets around us? Are we willing to see ourselves clearly, honestly? Are we ready to put our

Loving Creation: An Act of Worship

To stop and to notice. To love and to be loved. That’s the gift of our beloved pets. It’s the gift of God’s creation all around us.

Literalism, Certainty & Belonging

There’s a reason biblical literalism is so appealing: it simplifies things. It creates a sense of certainty that makes us feel safe.

She Is Strong

Jesus is telling the disciples and us that God sees us fully in our vulnerability when we acknowledge that about ourselves and each other.

Faith: Our Response to Suffering

Understanding why suffering exists is beside the point. What is important to our faith, is how we respond to suffering.

Don't You Tell Me No

When Jesus heals the Syrophoenician woman's daughter, he demonstrates that her persistence, her relentlessness, is what faith can look like.

Compelling Not Compulsory

I hope your faith in Christ is such a compelling force that you can’t help but be drawn to it over and over again.

The Next Grace-Filled Thing

Being the Body of Christ is about doing the next right thing. Or I would say doing the next grace-filled thing.


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