We Are the Miracle

Miracles have not disappeared. The abundance is there. The world is just waiting for the Body of Christ to make them happen.

Compassion: Simple But Not Easy

True compassion springs forth from an internal feeling – a self-acceptance of ourselves and our own individual weaknesses.

Nurturing Courage

The practice of faith is about building up the kind of courage we need to live the gospel.

Resting = Trusting in God's Grace

Resting is one big way to demonstrate our trust in God’s grace. We don’t have to keep proving our strength, our worth, our faith.

Making Family of Us All

Everything Jesus did served to bring everyone into his family. His whole ministry was to bring everyone into the in-group.

Can These Bones Live?

If we’re just hoping to get back to normal, if we are not transformed, then we are letting the Spirit pass us by.

Moving Through Grief

We can’t make grief go away—we all know it doesn’t—but grief evolves. It can diminish in intensity, we can and do learn to live with it.

To Say a Name

Let us remember that it is when we learn—and when we say—one another’s names that the veil is lifted and resurrection is revealed.


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