With Malice Toward None

The work doesn’t end. We don’t wake up one day having mastered how to do this. We practice. We make mistakes. We learn. We do better.

We Bring God's Grace into the World

Where humans rail for fairness, for people deserving what they get or don’t get, God simply gives what is needed, no questions asked.

Grace Beyond Deserving

The Rev. Laurel Hart, Deacon Scripture: Matthew 20:1-16 Give thanks to the Lord and call upon his name make known his deeds among the...

Communing in Our Vulnerability

We are each fragile, each susceptible, each human. And we can remember that those are the things that connect us, to God and to each other.

Choosing Each Other, Again & Again

What we do in this community, how we practice loving and choosing each other again and again, reverberates through our lives.

At the Crossroads

When we seek only for our own life, our own well being, our own comfort, our own safety, we lose our life in Christ.

Love Letter to St. Luke's

I am so grateful for each of you and the gifts you bring and all the ways we continue to love each other through this difficult time.

To Love as God Loves

The Rev. Laurel Hart, Deacon Scripture: Matthew 15:10-28 Oh, how good and pleasant it is, when brethren live together in unity! When...

Called Into the Storm

We are not alone. It is Jesus who calls us into the storm, and it will be Jesus, through us, who calms the storm.

There is Enough

Scarcity is such an unnecessary burden. In reality, our God created for us a world of abundance

The Kingdom of Heaven is Like...

The parables describe how the kingdom of heaven emerges from something almost invisible to the eye and grows exponentially.

Faith in Exile

All those Sundays of gathering to worship in this building have prepared us for such a time as now.

Find Your Center

The burden Jesus asks us to take on is to find our center in him, to find both our readiness and rest in his gospel. Always. No matter what.

Radical Welcome = Safety + Respect

Welcome isn't about letting everyone in no matter what. It isn't about being together no matter what. It's about safety and respect.

I Need Help With Me

“God, I need help with me” Amen. I probably should add the word “now” to this phase. “God, I need help with me, NOW.” Amen.

Let Us Be Transformed

We know how to transform our stories so that we ourselves can be transformed.


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