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Hope & Abundance

2020 Pledge Campaign
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Last year, the St. Luke’s community took an enormous leap of hope: you decided to hire a new rector at 30 hours per week. It meant budgeting for ten more hours per week than you’d been used to—a significant amount of money. It meant reaching into the church’s endowment to cover the amount that your pledges could not. It was risky. The endowment would only last a few more years on this strategy. 

It meant going all in on trusting in God’s abundance. 

Our biggest financial goal for St. Luke’s is that we become self-sustaining. Our forecasted budget for 2020 is $125,000. Our current building rentals will cover some of this, and the Vestry has been thinking about ways to make our building more available to the community—perhaps as a venue for music and other performing arts, both as a ministry and as a source of revenue.

Our goal for pledges in 2020 is $91,000. 

Is it a stretch? Yes! Is it audaciously hopeful? Of course! But this year, we’re once again going all in on trusting in God’s abundance.

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