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Our 2024 Stewardship Campaign

Giving as a spiritual practice

A spiritual practice is just that: a practice of discipline, exertion, patience, and generosity to nurture God’s peace, joy, and love in our lives. Sometimes it feels light and smooth, sometimes it feels like a chore, but we know no matter how it feels in a particular moment, if we keep doing it, keep practicing, it will slowly change us.

We know that giving doesn’t always feel light and easy. It can seem difficult to carve out resources from your budget. It is indeed an act of trust—trust that what we’re doing at St. Luke’s is important, even critical. That together we are nurturing God’s peace, joy, and love in our lives and in the world.

Make your pledge online!

  • Which ministry team(s) would you like to serve?

  • What skills can you offer to this community?

  • What financial resources will you give?

You can read our 2024 Stewardship Letter here.​

Scroll down for Stewardship Story videos!

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Stewardship Stories

We'll update these with this year's stories every Sunday!

Kirby Gleason

Judy Bevilacqua

Deborah Aronson

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