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Dr. Douglas G. Scott

Dr. Douglas G. Scott

Interim Pastor

Sunday December 16 is known as Gaudete (or Rejoice) Sunday – one of two Sundays in the church’s year (the other is the Fourth Sunday in Lent) where we take a break from the solemnity of a penitential season to celebrate what we know to be ahead.

It may seem strange to bring to light those who experience a sense of loss or sadness during the holiday season, but we will do exactly that on a Sunday set aside for rejoicing because we are assured that our current sadness will be transformed into joy when we come to greet those we love but see no more in that place where there is no pain or grief but life eternal. We invite you to join us as we pray for those we have lost and look forward to a heavenly reunion.


Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church is a reconciling, affirming and healing Christian community shaped by worship, love, and service to others. You are welcome just as God created you. No matter your back ground, status, age, race, sexual orientation or gender identity, Saint Luke’s exists to accompany you on your faith journey. Our church and community is committed to extending radical welcome to each individual and we make a concerted effort to follow the golden rule of loving one another just as Jesus Christ loves us! Hard to believe? Come, and see!



Next! The Bible is a narrative of people moving on. Whether it focuses on the movement of a people from slavery to the challenges of independence or a fledgling group of believers who move into a wider world with Resurrection at their backs, the hand of God is always...

Sunday’s Visitation and the Commitment to Success

Bishop Michael Hanley will be with us this Sunday, December 9 for the Sacrament of Confirmation. At our service of worship, two individuals will be confirmed, four received into the Episcopal Church, and two will renew their Baptismal vows. This is a significant event...

The Once and Future Season

It’s Advent (or will be this Sunday), and a responsible cleric would honor and embrace the unique graces of each season and would encourage her or his congregants to do the same. Somber clergy insist on keeping Advent, well.....Advent-y. Christmas doesn't start until...

Ever Changing Thanks

We are a long way from that first difficult year in 1621 when Edward Winslow called the handful of surviving members of the Plymouth Colony to a celebration of thanks to be shared with their Wampanoag neighbors. By the time of their gathering, a celebration of a...

Do you have 15 minutes to invest in our ministry?

This Sunday, November 18, is critical to St. Luke’s future life. At our 10:00 am service, we will ask you to present your pledge card indicating your commitment to the work of the parish for 2019. A great deal rides on your response to our appeal – the scope and...

Because we’ve received so much…

We are just two weeks away from Consecration Sunday, the day when we will ask you to make a financial commitment to St. Luke’s for 2019. You may be asking yourself, “How much should we give?” First, our commitment to the ministry of our parish should be seen as part...



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