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Dr. Douglas G. Scott

Dr. Douglas G. Scott

Interim Pastor

These are exciting times at St. Luke’s! Our worship is vibrant and enriching, our fellowship increases weekly, our educational programs enrich young and old, we bring willing hands to the possibilities for mission and ministry that will allow us to live more fully into our Baptismal vows. Rather than simply waiting for new ordained leadership, we are actively becoming: becoming a stronger and more active family of faith, becoming more diverse and inclusive, becoming a community that focuses on its call to grow into the life and purposes of the Lord who calls us together. We find our strength not in our similarities, but rather in our differences — voices that sing not in unison, but in harmony one with another. We invite you to look at these snapshots of our life and see if you might find your home with us.


Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church is a reconciling, affirming and healing Christian community shaped by worship, love, and service to others. You are welcome just as God created you. No matter your back ground, status, age, race, sexual orientation or gender identity, Saint Luke’s exists to accompany you on your faith journey. Our church and community is committed to extending radical welcome to each individual and we make a concerted effort to follow the golden rule of loving one another just as Jesus Christ loves us! Hard to believe? Come, and see!


Do you have 15 minutes to invest in our ministry?

This Sunday, November 18, is critical to St. Luke’s future life. At our 10:00 am service, we will ask you to present your pledge card indicating your commitment to the work of the parish for 2019. A great deal rides on your response to our appeal – the scope and...

Because we’ve received so much…

We are just two weeks away from Consecration Sunday, the day when we will ask you to make a financial commitment to St. Luke’s for 2019. You may be asking yourself, “How much should we give?” First, our commitment to the ministry of our parish should be seen as part...

All Saints, All Souls, Olley Olley Oxen Free

The end of October and beginning of November see a jumble of holidays which have as much cultural as religious observance. All Saints Day, November 1, was established early in the fifth century as a way to honor those who had died and were believed to be in Heaven. It...

It’s the Most Dangerous Time of the Year

At least, it is for me. Last week, the first of many Christmas catalogues arrived in my mailbox, offering items sure to charm and delight everyone on my gift list. Fashions designed to draw compliments of friend and stranger alike, household geegaws guaranteed to...

Missions. Plural.

Sunday’s sermon on the importance of identifying St. Luke’s next mission project elicited some lively response at coffee hour following our worship. A number of people approached your Wardens and Vestry with some exciting possibilities to explore: build up The Ark...

Why Bother?

In recent weeks, I have invited members of the congregation to prayerfully consider being confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church when Bishop Hanley makes his Visitation on December 9 At its most basic, the Sacrament of Confirmation is the mature and...



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