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Dr. Douglas G. Scott

Dr. Douglas G. Scott

Interim Pastor

I have to confess, I’ve fallen in love! I came to St. Luke’s in the early spring of 2017 just to fill in while the parish began its search for a new Rector. Since my arrival, I have come to love these people and this little church, finding here a warm and engaging welcome, a passion for rich worship, and a commitment to intelligent faith expressed in creative ways. This is a congregation that embraces gladly, gives generously, laughs heartily, seeks earnestly. If you are looking for a faith community where you are encouraged to bring your best thinking and your determination to make a difference in your home, your community and the world, I strongly encourage you to visit with us. A word of warning, though – you might just fall in love, too!


Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church is a reconciling, affirming and healing Christian community shaped by worship, love, and service to others. You are welcome just as God created you. No matter your back ground, status, age, race, sexual orientation or gender identity, Saint Luke’s exists to accompany you on your faith journey. Our church and community is committed to extending radical welcome to each individual and we make a concerted effort to follow the golden rule of loving one another just as Jesus Christ loves us! Hard to believe? Come, and see!


Insuring Safety for All

So much of the news of late highlighted the tenuous balance between safety and risk. Personally, I find the destruction caused by violent weather upsetting but not unexpected. As a long time “East-coaster,” much of my personal history has been punctuated by the...

In the Wake

I always take Marine Drive as I commute to St. Luke’s. It’s a lovely stretch of road unmarred by stop signs or traffic lights, although the installation of speed sensors at two locations keeps drivers moving at a sane pace. Part of the pleasure of the ride is the...

Ready, Set…Autumn!

It promises to be an exciting autumn at St. Luke the Physician. The Ark, our program of spiritual formation for children begins on September 16 while Adult education has a prominent place as well. On September 19 we will take an in depth look at the science behind the...

NEW St. Luke’s Calendar

We are excited to announce the addition of a calendar to our website. Be sure to take a look at upcoming events and activities by selecting the Calendar option in the top menu.

Watch This Space

St. Luke's is excited to be providing regular updates on our website. Be sure to check this space often for weekly reflections, interesting articles, video meditations and possibly weekly videos of our sermons. We look forward to providing this rich...



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Holy Eucharist Sundays at 10 a.m.