Worship & Eucharist

Every Sunday at 10 a.m.

Our music ranges from traditional hymns to Leonard Cohen to simple chants, all on piano and guitar. Sometimes a violin or two. And sometimes we even break out the organ!

LGBTQ folks are welcome here.

Immigrants and refugees are welcome here,

(with or without documentation).

Single, divorced, and widowed folks are welcome here.

Our table is open to all.

Come as you are!


Longing for Fire

Sermon – June 9, 2019 – PentecostThe Rev. Sara Cosca-Warfield I Will Pour Out My Spirit On All My People by Marianne Gonzales Scripture: Acts 2:1-21 I think that “last days” get a bad rap. Between the Left Behind series and some of our Christian siblings claiming that...

That They May All Be One

Sermon – June 2, 2019 – Seventh Week in EastertideThe Rev. Sara Cosca-Warfield Unity Cross, Gwen Meharg Scripture: John 17:20-26 The Spirit and the bride say, "Come."And let everyone who hears say, "Come."And let everyone who is thirsty come.Let anyone who wishes take...

Belonging: The Peace Jesus Gives

Sermon – May 26, 2019 – Sixth Week in EastertideThe Rev. Sara Cosca-Warfield Icon from the Coptic Church Scripture: John 14:23-29 May God be merciful to us and bless us, show us the light of God’s countenance and come to us. This season of Eastertide, these 50 days...

Traces of the Trade

Sermon – May 19, 2019 – Fifth Week in EastertideThe Rev. Laurel Hart From Scripture: Acts 11:1-18 Let them praise the Name of the Lord; for he commanded, and they were created.  I really enjoy once again hearing the stories from the Acts of the...

Truth Greater Than Fact

Sermon – May 12, 2019 – Fourth Week in EastertideThe Rev. Sara Cosca-Warfield Julian of Norwich Scripture: Revelation 7:9-17 Some of you have noticed when we pass the peace that my hands are always cold. It’s always been that way. I’m just one of those people who runs...

Grow Beyond

Sermon – May 5, 2019 – Third Week in EastertideThe Rev. Sara Cosca-Warfield Scripture: John 21:1-19 I have a theory: I think each of us falls on a spectrum of discipleship according to the Gospel of John. At one end of the spectrum is this unnamed disciple who is only...



120 SW Towle Avenue

Gresham, OR 97080


Holy Eucharist Sundays at 10 a.m.