We Can Do Hard Things

When our highest value is productivity, we dehumanize ourselves, which is to say we separate ourselves from God.

Release & Respite

I invite us to ask ourselves, “What might I release during this time to invite respite?"

Sickness. Demons. RESPITE. Ministry.

We don’t have to keep plugging away. We don’t have to keep moving at this exhausting pace. We need to slow down. We. Need. Respite.

Following Jesus is Radical

That’s what we do as a Christian community: we seek the roots, we find Jesus there, and we let him change every part of us.

Choosing Jesus in a Time of Fear

God wants to be in relationship with us: reaching out to us and inviting us to reach out to God - even in our scariest times.

Will You Follow?

A sermon by The Rev. Danáe M. Ashley shared by Deacon Laurel.

Here Am I

The fact is God calls and uses ordinary and flawed me and ordinary and flawed you.

Listening to Understand

This is my Advent understanding process. 1. Visualizing those trees. 2. Asking how and what questions to invite the STORY. 3. Waitressing

Christ, the King of Abundance

We have enough to give the hungry food. We have enough to give the thirsty drink. We have enough to welcome the stranger into our borders.

Courage in the Face of Comfort

This parable is about the courage to use the gifts God gave you. Not courage in the face of fear, but courage in the face of comfort.

Hope Is About What We Do

Hope is made manifest in what we do, not just how we feel. Just as our faith is made manifest in how we live, not just how we worship.

Love: A Lens for Our Lives

Reading and applying the Bible without love can get pretty scary pretty fast. It’s love that rescues us.


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